Founded in 1931 in Costafabbri, a small district only one km away from the historic centre of Siena, the “Antica Salumeria Salvini” is the oldest delicatessen shop and tavern in the province of Siena, the Ciofi family, composed by Alessandro, Erminia and Pietro, strongly linked to the Senese’s tradition, offers customers a rich heritage of local products. The well-prepared and friendly staff makes handmade cold cuts with a lot of attention. They will guide you through an intense experience discovering the scents and flavours of the Senese territory.


Gastronomyand charcuterie

Over the years, the cuisine has passed on the passion for the typical Senese cooking and the production of cold cuts, making it a fundamental characteristic that you can find within our business.
In addition to Cinta Senese and Grey Senese sausages, the charcuterie offers a wide range of gastronomy produced at KM 0, and also the possibility to taste products from all over the world, giving the opportunity to melt local and international products.
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antica salumeria salvini osteria toscana


The “Antica salumeria Salvini” is known above all for being a typical Senese Tavern. The rich and varied menu, which follows the seasonality and tradition of the Senese territory, is best represented by the main dish of the house: the hearty platter of cold cuts and artisanal cheeses. The space, in addition to the scents and typical noises of the ancient and genuine locals, has 30 indoor seats and other 30 outdoor seats in the summer. With a good Chianti, you can enjoy a suggestive view of the Duomo Cathedral and the nearby Senese Hills.



With more than 250 different labels, the “Antica salumeria Salvini”, is specialized in labels such as Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and Champagne; there is also a wide selection of national and international wines.

Rich choice of wines by the glass (over 20 of white and red wines) that combined with the dishes, create a perfect mix between the aromas of wine and the flavors of good Tuscan kitchen.



The “Antica Salumeria Salvini” is composed by Alessandro, Erminia and Pietro. The knowledges and the passion of this family is transmitted during the entire enogastronomic experience.



The great big man with contagious sympathy. For over 23 years he has been involved in the production of cold cuts, and is also the image of the workshop. He cooperated with television companies such as Rai (Linea Verde, Il prezzo è giusto), Netflix thanks to a documentary shot with Gérard Depardieu. Alessandro took also part in present in the documentary of the blogger of “Braciami ancora”.
antica salumeria salvini alessandro ciofi



She is responsible for the management of the gastronomy and the research for the best products. Due to her specialization in art decor and her particular attention to details, she creates shop windows and packages for customers.
antica salumeria salvini erminia ciofi



Pietro manages the Osteria and the wine shop. A great wine lover, he worked as a sommelier for 3 years in London and then returned to Italy to work at the family business. Specializing in Tuscan Reds and Champagne, he always manages to find the best match, and to satisfy the finest palates.
antica salumeria salvini pietro ciofi


Shippingand catering

In addition to the daily activity at our premises, the staff of Antica Salumeria Salvini has been carrying out the corner service and catering for years. With its products and a trained and experienced staff in the sector, the Salvini catering experience is a journey through the flavors of Siena.

Do you want to take home a piece of Tuscany? No problem! At the Salumeria it is possible to ship products and wines to all parts of the world, including the rarest and most sought after vintages. For more info contact us at info@anticasalumeriasalvini.com

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